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Korgalzhyn rayon Tourist Information Resource Centre established on the basis of Sport and Tourism Department of Rayon Akimat in the beginning of 2011. Korgalzhyn rayon has a great potential for tourism development. It is scarcely populated and slightly changed with economical activities steppe and lake area where unique landscapes preserved. Here is a real gem a specially protected natural area, a unique place on the territory of Central Asia situated only 140 km from capital of Kazakhstan Astana city.

Distinctive landscapes, abundant wildlife, the hospitality of local residents, the presence of ancient monuments, the region with a strong national flavor, the largest in the Republic modern visiting centre annually attract thousands of residents of our Republic and foreign tourists whose number is increasing every year.

That is why IC absence had negative impact on regions touristic image. Tourists had no an opportunity to get information regarding to services provided and costs. When arriving they had old information therefore various conflicts and straps occurred.

RC Goal

Tourism development assistance in Korgalzhyn rayon that in some time will contribute economic and cultural regions growth.


1. To attract tourists flow in the region through site operation, booklets elaborating, oblast and republican exhibitions participation, work with touristic companies.

2. To provide information needed for tourist by means of site operating.

2. To assist in tourism infrastructure development, to attract investors.

3. To develop such kinds of tourism as rural, sportive and recreational, ethnotourism.


021300, Акмолинская обл., Коргалжынский р-он
село Коргалжын, улица Рахымжана Мадина, 20



+7 (71637) 2-18-02
+7 (71637) 2-14-39