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This land attracted human`s attention since the ancient times. Korgalzhyn region has not been deeply studied meanwhile the review studies and some archaeological findings indicate that people started to learn this unique corner of Sary-Arka region during the Neolithic when livestock breeding and gardening started to emerge. Numerous graves in the form of ancient burial mounds, mausoleums, mazars found in the basin of Nura River. In the first half of 19th century northern Kokshetausky kirgizs as well as southern from the Syr-DaryaRiver banks migrated to their summer pastures. Intensive settling of Tengiz adjacent steppes started only in the middle of 19th century.  In winter period ancestral villages of Argyns, Kipchaks, Naymans stayed on the banks of Korgalzhyn lake. The land here cannot be used for gardening nevertheless irrigation gardening taken from Karakalpaks and Tashketntsev was applied a little bit but later it was forgotten.

Korgalzhyn rayon occupying a large territory of ancient Kazakh pastures was established in 1928 as a part of Akmola okrug. Livestock breeding including sheep and goats, cattle, camels and horses breeding was the main occupation of population. Only separate households in the northern part of the region were engaged in gardening. Kolkhozs were established at the same period of time.

Particular milestone in region`s history were the years of virgin lands assimilation in the mid 50-ies of XX century. In this period grain crops were increased and new farms set up, a lot of settlers migrated to the region.


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