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Korgalzhyn settlement is an administrative centre of eponymous district located in south-west part of Akmola oblast, 128 km far from the capital of Kazakhstan Astana city.


Total number of population in Korgalzhyn rayon is equal to 9753 persons as for 2011.

The largest number of residents reside in Korgalzhyn settlement – more than 3500, Arykty and Sabyndy settlements – 1100-1200 persons in each settlement. There are less than 1000 persons in the rest settlements. Population density is equal to 1,4 persons per square kilometer.

99% of total population consists of aboriginal residents.  Tribal division exists in the region. The indigenous tribes –Altay, Temesh, Enem prevail in the region. Tribal bail is developed in the region. Islam is the main religion. There are mosques almost in each area of Korgalzhyn rayon. The big beautiful mosque is located in Korgalzhyn settlement. Indigenous population as a rule observes religious traditions and ceremonies.

The main economical activities.

The region is agricultural. There are no industry enterprises in the okrug.

The grain is grown. Livestock breeding presents only in private sector. Local residents are engaged in cattle breeding, sheep and horses breeding.

There is a commercial fishing on rich in fish Uyaly and Byrtabyn-Shalkar Lakes.


021300, Акмолинская обл., Коргалжынский р-он
село Коргалжын, улица Рахымжана Мадина, 20



+7 (71637) 2-18-02
+7 (71637) 2-14-39