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Korgalzhyn territory is located in Teniz-Korgalzhyn lowland located in Central Kazakhstan in the western part of Central Kazakhstan hilly area.

The surface of the major part is even but continually dropping when approaching to Teniz Lake.

Absolute altitude is 304-365 meters above sea level.

The present area is the unique place on the territory of the whole Central Asia. There are numerous lakes in the middle of endless steppe. The majority of them pertain to three lake systems located in lower flow of the Nura River: Uyaly, Byrtaban-Shalkar and Teniz-Korgalzhyn. All above lakes excluding Teniz lake are fresh, shallow and well-drained, their depth is from 0,5 up to 2,5 meters. The majority of them are overgrown with ride.

Teniz Lake is the largest salty water reserve in Central Kazakhstan. Water surface area is 1590 km2. Water salinity exceeds the salinity of World Ocean in 5-6 times.


The territory is located in a zone of sharp continental and arid climate that is expressed in extremely sharp cold winter change to hot summer with a low quantity of atmospheric precipitation. This is due to the inland location and distance from moderating effect of oceans and seas.

The average temperature of January is -17°С, and July is +20° С. Absolute minimum achieves -45°С, and maximum +41,4° С.

Annual precipitation quantity is from 200 up to 290 mm, maximum is observed in summer in the form of showers and heavy rains. Precipitation is irregular along with dry years humid years are observed. Evaporation exceeds precipitation in several times.

Winter is long (140-150 days) and often snowy. The average snow height is 20-35 cm. Spring is short (30-45 days) but the late frosts are observed. Snow completely melts by the mid of April. The summer is moderately hot; autumn is short with the rapid temperature drops.

Arid climate is enhanced by frequent and strong winds. The predominant winds are south-west and west directions. The maximum wind speed is 35-37 m/sec.


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