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Following ancestors` tradition that nothing should remind about died persons Kazakhs did not strive to construct any memorials on ancestors’ tombs. Exceptions to generally accepted rule was made only for sake of people honored and respected by people for their glorious deeds in the name of justice, honor, truth of the life.

Mazar – (in Arabic – a place of pilgrimage and worship) place revered by Muslims as sacred, mausoleum or tomb with erected constructions on it.

Korgalzhyn area Mazars. Mausoleum Botagay (Botygay) (13-14 century) is especially popular, and also Mazar Kanykey (16-17 century), Alyptomara (19 century), Bespakyr (19 century). Each of nomadic constructions as a rule has its history, its legend.

Mausoleum Botagay.


It is located on the left bank of the Nura River three kilometers far from Korgalzhyn settlement.

It was considered to be occasional as the memorial but in the same time unique on all its parameters. As it is known the steppe residents of the Northern Kazakhstan were constantly constructing over tomb constructions with application of raw bricks. Botogay Mausoleum constructed with application of burnt brick on the basis of alabaster solution that was generally more common in the southern regions of Great Steppe. The mystery of Botogay Mausoleum is still mystery. At one time a version of once existed nearby ancient Totagay city gave him fame. Information about Botogay of particular interest was left by little-known researcher of the area – a centurion of Siberian Cossack troops A.I. Shakhmatov. Materials collected by A.I. Shakhmatov give an opportunity to assume that Botogay Mausoleum was constructed not earlier than XIII century.

The search for other buildings or structures which are ruins of Totagay city around Botogay Mausoleum failed. Therefore version concerning Totagay city existence is doubtful. Expedition of Akmolinsky historical museum has not brought the expected results. But all above does not mean that search shall be stopped and the last point is to be put. It is quite possible that someone will be luckier than others and he will be able to discover the ancient city Totagay which presumably was located around Botogay Mausoleum. At present Mausoleum is under restoration.

Kanykey Mazar.


Constructed with raw bricks application. Dated to the end of 18th-beginning of the 19th century. It is located on the right bank of Nura River 4 km to the north from Urkendeu settlement.

Alyptomara Mazar.

The monument of religious architecture of the early twentieth century.  It is located 10 km to the east far from Abay settlement., its height is six meters, round type with sphere dome. In compliance with one of the versions the above Mazar was erected on tomb of master Alyptomar. In compliance with other version which was heard by scientific specialist of historical museum Shivrina N.V., from seventy years old man Zhaken Kambar-Uly in Abay settlement structure was erected on initiative of bay Kuspek on tomb of his elder son Baltabay. Mausoleum was constructed by master with the name Alyptomar. The second version is more reliable as aksakal Zhaken Kambar-Uly who told this story was one of the builders which constructed Mausoleum.

Bespakyr Mazar

The end of  XIX century Abay settlement, 11 kilometers to the east from Korgalzhyn-Astana city road bend to the settlement Abay, on the enclosed territory of the old cemetry on the right bank of Nura River

It was constructed in nineteenth century and has spherical burial chamber without dome.

Its height is about three meters, constructed from raw bricks by method of ring bricklaying. The doorway is strictly directed to the east and decorated with bonder masonry. Along with other Mazars of Korgalzhyn rayon is of scientific and art interest.

“Dudaray” Stele

Established in 1980 in honor of 250th anniversary of accession of Kazakhstan to Russia dedicated to great love and union of two nations.

«Dudaray» Stele dedicated to the story of Dudaray song arise- the song about beautiful and trustful love of Russian girl Mary and Kazakh lad Dyuysen  which was included in the common treasury of cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

It is located 30 meters to the east from the road Korgalzhyn settlement-Astana city at the entrance to Korgalzhyn village.


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