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There are 3 visitors’ houses in Korgalzhyn settlement; accommodation services with three meals per day are provided. Banya, shower included to the total services cost, comforts are inside. Car parkings are available.

There is a good, large dining room for 30 persons, yurt where one if wishes can spend a night and to try national dishes. In this house for certain fee you will be shown an ethnic show.

Clause Owner Rooms Quantity / Beds Quantity Comforts Presence in the house

Bybynur Ermekbaevna

3 rooms / 4+3+2 Toilet, shower

Kenzhe Nurmukhamedovna

2 rooms / 2+3 beds

Separate house with 3 beds

Toilet, shower, banya

Nadezhda Mikhailovna

3 rooms/ 2+3+3 beds

Toilet, shower, banya


Гостевой дом Аманжоловой Б.




















гостевой дом
























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IMG 0477


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IMG 0490


IMG 0491

IMG 0486


IMG 0499



Гостевой дом Искаковой К.


гостевой дом

гостевой дом


021300, Акмолинская обл., Коргалжынский р-он
село Коргалжын, улица Рахымжана Мадина, 20



+7 (71637) 2-18-02
+7 (71637) 2-14-39