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Visiting-center addrress – Korgalzhyn settlement, M. Rahimzhan street, administrative structure of Korgalzhyn reserve 

VC working days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Work time: 10: 00 -13:00 / 15:00 -18:00hour

Lunch time: 13:00- 15:00hour.

There is a Bistro in VC.

“Bistro” working time: from 10:00 – 13: 00 and from 15:00 -17:00 hours.

The cost of adults entrance ticket -300 tenge, children entrance ticket -100 tenge, entrance for children of preschool age is free.

Information on visiting center

The name of visit center by itself tells that it is the center that is visited.

VC «Birds paradise» – is so-called “visiting card” of Korgalzhyn reserve, the place where the visitors can get all available information regarding to this unique territory. VC of KSNR is designed to become an ecology education center not only for local population but also for the residents and guests of the capital. VC is an starting point where the ecological routes start from.


VC consists of central and aqua hall, steppe hall, and winter garden; there is a miraculous corridor of the legends, children room of ecology education, cinema theatre.

General and leading themes of visiting center contain the information telling about the present reserve territory uniqueness, interest and fame.

CENTRAL HALL gives information to visitors about water reserves and wetlands, their role in the life of all living creatures on the planet, Teniz-Korgalzhyn lakes importance in the life of nesting and migrating birds including one of the most unusual birds flamingo which is the symbol and emblem of the reserve. All birds are equipped with dioramas of TV screens with voicing devices so that visitors could not only see but also hear the birds.


HALL OF HISTORY of Korgalzhyn reserve development tells about reserve creation background, its organization and development history. The hall is followed by a very beautiful corridor with picturesque and bright stands. Unusual walls decoration strengthens obtained impressions about HISTORY, CULTURE AND ETHNOGRAPHY OF THE AREA. Guide acquaints   the visitors with local lakes creation fascinating legend. 


HALL OF THE STEPPES. Round route on this hall passes along the dioramas where steppe animals are represented. Attention is particularly attracted by diorama with saiga. All animals are equipped with dioramas of TV screens with voicing devices so that the visitors could not only to see but also hear the animals. Interesting and artistically shot film about groundhogs filmed in the local steppe by German director will be offered to your attention.

WINTER GARDEN. After steppe excursion the “Visitors Center” guests are expected by the surprise – like the oasis in the desert, a small bright room with huge windows with cozy couches to rest, green plants and even with a small waterfall where the Visitors Centerguests may have a rest.

AQUA HALL. The first thing you learn in this hall is how Teniz-Korgalzhyn lakes system was created, about reserve supporting dams’ importance. «Water Route» passes through the major lakes, streams, rivers of Korgalzhyn reserve and acquaints visitors with their inhabitants. The voices of swans, pelicans, ducks and shorebirds sound. Diorama “Underwater world” invites to go down to the bottom of the lake and admire its inhabitants.


In the end you are expected with beautiful “video-show”. At the same time beautiful landscapes, plants and animals of the reserve appear to the music. Simultaneously, on the other – smoking pipes, prairie fires, waste contaminated rivers shores and lakes banks. The contrast seen makes everybody think about what one can do for nature conservation.

The brightest, picturesque and interesting – THE ROOM OF CHILDREN ECOLOGY EDUCATION, here children can play and at the same time to learn and understand better natural processes with use of modern play methods. The children playground is equipped on the open air.


There is a cinema theatre in Visitors Center where everybody may watch scientific movie about Teniz-Korgalzhyn lake system “Secrets of the reserve land”. Filming took one and a half years. The filmmakers managed not only to show the life of local residents in all seasons, but also to tell about reserve history and region legends with animation use. Movie made within GEF/UN DP in the Republic ofKazakhstan and aimed to conserve aquatic and wetlands.

You may have a rest in a small cozy coffee and go to travel to the reserved lakes again.



SOUVENIR SHOP. Here you may buy souvenirs, greeting cards, booklets, badges with reserve symbols.


021300, Акмолинская обл., Коргалжынский р-он
село Коргалжын, улица Рахымжана Мадина, 20



+7 (71637) 2-18-02
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